We understand that your tree service needs are important to you and are also most likely unique.

We take this into account as we will want to meet with you to understand your exact needs and the budget you have in mind.

We also want to take great care with your existing landscaping and the best way to take down a tree may be in stages using a climber and bucket truck. This preserves the ground around the tree.

We are trained arborists and our experience enables us to provide you with a proper estimate of the cost and we will discuss any options that we see to maximize the use of your budget.

We offer an extensive number of landscaping and tree services, including pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, bucket truck service, crane service, lightning protection, tree cabling, pre-construction consultation, and fertilization and pest control. We would like to learn about your needs and can map out a plan with you that can extend over months or even years.

Call us to make an appointment to discuss your landscaping project.

Also, if you need to contact us about anything then please feel free to call or write. Here are our contact information and a contact form.

We will respond to you promptly!

Phone: 643-632-7468

Cell: 643-667-8163

E-Mail: Support@foxtreeandlandscape.com

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