Landscaping Construction

Landscape Construction

We offer complete landscape construction services. To start the process we offer a free consultation and estimate. At our first meeting we will spend time with you so that we learn your objectives and we will discuss ideas and options based on your objectives.

We also want to get to know your personality as a proper landscape design will reflect the needs and the desires and personality of the designer. We make sure that all components work well together and that time of day or evening use is also considered into the design. Tree, shrubs and plants will all be integrated into a complete whole and if the outdoor space is to be used a night then we will recommend lighting effects as well both for safety as well as aesthetic enhancement. Nighttime visual silhouettes and shadows can add to the evening view.

A proper landscape design will finish the appearance of your home and increases its value and your enjoyment of your outdoor living space!

Landscaping and Plantings

We hand pick the best plants that will thrive and perform in the spaces they are chosen for. Filling a space with the right plant compliments your home or business aesthetically and the right plant in the right spot will thrive and look great.

Plants help to frame your house. They also create more privacy. Trees and plants can filter out and reduce noise further increasing their value.

Plantings can provide shade from the sun, look great and improve the acoustic environment. You garden, patio or backyard is a special place and one where you can find maximum enjoyment.

Landscaping Hardscapes 

Hardscapes include walkways, patios or even a built-in stone BQQ. Fox Tree and Landscape provides hardscapes to create outdoor living space areas that increase the enjoyment and value of your home. Hardscapes play an important role in finishing your house by adding functional features that are designed to be pleasing to the eye and compliment your home.

Any landscape design that we develop will integrate all items whether it involves grading for proper drainage, hardscape items, trees or shrub planting or lighting.

We also can also refer competent landscaping maintenance professionals to help with the maintenance of your garden or lawn. We want you to fully enjoy your new landscape.